Esoteric, Holistic & Psychics

Esoteric, Holistic & Psychics

There's a HUGE world out there that some people might not understand or are afraid to understand it.
Other people that might understand it, still get abit confused about the differences and different types of spiritual work that in a few years has reawakened recently in our daily lifes. Most people know about Astrology, Reflexology, Tai-Chi, Tarots and Yoga but do you seriously understand the difference between them and the many other spiritual work thats around?

People these days seek Guidence, Stress-Relief,  Self image, Confidence,  Finding love, Marriage Guidence and so much more. Here you will learn the many differences about spiritual work and the benefits you will get out of it.

What i type here might offend some people but why complain about learning something new and interesting?
If i do offend anyone, I'm sorry and did not mean too, I'm NOT going to slander any religons and will not tolerate anyone else slandering religons.

Before i begin, let me explain what spiritual workers are and what they do.
Spiritual workers are here to help you, when you are lost in thought and don't know where to turn to, Go find a spiritual worker. Psychics and other people that help the body, mind and soul are spiritual workers, Yes they charge a fee, Why? Because it's exchange of energy but there are fakes out there to con you. Best way to spot a fake is when they ask you to many questions and then repeat them back to you in a different sentence. Questions from a spiritual worker mostly are about if your relaxed or asking where the pain is, or even something to do with what you eat or drink [ Thats mostly what a natural healer would ask ]. There are other questions a spiritual worker will ask you and you will notice the differece between a fake and a spiritual worker. The wrong questions to ask a spiritual worker like a psychic is whats your name or guess what I'm thinking, A psychic can only see the future and is NOT a mind reader.  Plus there are many different types of psychics and not one of them can read your mind.


There are different types of Psychics like i stated before, Such as Bonethrowing, Crystal Ball, Tea leaf reading, Hand holding, Photos and many more, A Psychic really does not need to use objects to see the future but uses it as a form of connecting to energies and to there Spiritual Guides. A Spiritual Guide is not a angel but a spirit thats been sent to that Psychic as an aid to help you, The best way to discribe a Spiritual Guide is from the Tv series called "Charmed"  Paige in the Charmed story was half witch and half white lighter [ Please excuse if i might be wrong, Haven't watched charmed in ages ] and the white lighter's purpose was to help guide people and to help them, So a white lighter's work is very similar to a Spiritual Guide's work. There are even different forms of Psychic powers, Such as a Natural healer or Reiki master and Cleansing. A natural healer and a Reiki master are very similar but a Natural healer uses energy or herbs to heal people, A Reiki master uses the Chakra system to heal others, You can find all the info you want on the internet about them and wishing to learn to become a Natural healer is going to be tough, because it's really a gift from the all mighty and can't be taught to any one, Though you can found out if you might be one by asking a Psychic that tells the future. That's how i found out about myself, Yes I'm a Natural healer and a Reiki master, I combined the two because i wanted to learn more on how to heal people, I don't work with herbs though. People come to me for stress relief and some forms of pain such as headaches or other minor pains and i can remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy, Distant healing i can also do, Meaning if i'm at home and you live in another country, I'm able to heal you but I'd rather see that person face to face. Cleansing is removing spirits from your house, Something out of the Ghostbusters movie but without the Computer Graphics, I was also a cleanser but stopped it because i saw that i was better at healing though a Healer and a Cleanser are able to help remove curses and bad spells that some people have put onto you.

Before i continue i want to mention that i'm not hateful towards Pagans or Wiccans, I got some good friends that are Pagans and Wiccans. I understand that those groups are NOT allowed to curse or put bad spells onto people BUT there are the few that do unfortunatly. Even some Psychics cross that line and it makes me angry when people that are suppose to help another, Do more halm than good and please don't jugde other Spiritual workers for what others do to you. Another example from a movie comes best from the all time Classic and one of my favorates is Starwars,  there is a type of light side of the force and dark side of the force, meaning anyone that crosses the line and curses someone else has crossed to the dark side and it's not easy for them to stop. Mostly greed comes to play and it normally goes back to them three times fold.

Anyway, there are many Psychics as you can see that can help you in different things that you can look over for yourself to see which one suits your needs best.


Theres Martial Arts thats a good way to get intouch with your Spiritual side, Also meditating is the best way to get intouch with your Spiritual side. There are many more ways and will let other people, such as yourself add them to this topic. Anything from this entire topic you can add something to it. All i ask of you is to state where you would like it published on this page, Your username and if you wish contact details and specify where you are from please. You need to be registered to Saving Time before i'll add anyones topic and i will not add any topic that slanders anything in this topic or anything that would upset other people. Thank you.

Theres also people that sells audio tapes that might be more up your alley if your still sceptical of seeing a Psychic. Audio tapes, Books, workshops and many more incredible ways of helpping you out that suits your needs best.


The things that Spiritual Workers tell you are personal to you, A good Spiritual Worker will not mention anything personal about you to anyone else, Unless you are seeking more help and you ask that Spiritual Worker if he or she knows of anyone else that can help you. Remember that if you have any more questions to ask that Spiritual Worker but you already left and are at home, That your still able to contact them within 24 hours from your meeting with them, The reason why is that a Spiritual Worker is not ment to remember anything personal about you and the messages that you were told by that Spiritual Worker that day, Did not come from him or her but came from their Spiritual Guides, Theres more to that but it's not easy trying to explain it. So please don't get upset if that Spiritual Worker can not answer you after 24 hours has passed.

Advise from any Spiritual Worker thats been told to you, Remember it's only advise, The Spiritual Worker has no right to tell you what you must to, YOU have the choice, YOU have the will and YOU have the power. Nothing that's said by the Spiritual Worker is written in stone, A person is given many different roads to choose from and it's up to YOU to choose which one you are more at ease with. You also can think about the advise and have the full right of discarding it or improve on it.

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